Maciej Gallas, rozdział: "Relacja mistrz- uczeń: coaching czy mentoring?"

autor: Maciej Gallas, rozdział: "Relacja mistrz- uczeń: coaching czy mentoring?" w monografii: "Annales Universitstis Mariae Curie-Skłodowska sectio Artes"; red. Tomasz Jasiński, wyd. Uniwersytetu UMCS, Lublin 2018


The article presents the problem of application of mentoring and coaching (concepts from the psychology of business) in the methodology of teaching music art subjects. The author discusses the following issues: relations between a master and a student; the definition of mentoring and coaching; similarities and differences between mentoring and coaching; the role of a mentor and a coach as teachers of music art subject; stages of work of a teacher as part of the concept of mentoring and coaching; psychological con- sequences of inadequate application of mentoring or coaching during particular stages of education. In conclusions, the author underlines that mentoring is a historical approach and is customarily strongly rooted in artistic pedagogy, and the “master-student” relation is its most accurate implementation. In contrast, coaching is a relatively young idea, and in the case of teaching music, it is also intuitively used. Mentoring leads to and gives information, whereas coaching asks questions and mobilizes to activity. The process of music teaching of the artistic subject may include both these methods. They merge and supplement each other. Mentoring is more natural and useful at the initial stage of teach- ing, coaching is worth applying in its final stage, when seeking originality and uniqueness becomes more important.