Maciej Gallas- rozdział: „Selected sources of motivation in the field of art didactics”

autor: Maciej Gallas, rozdział: „Selected sources of motivation in the field of art didactics” [w:] „Profesional Challenges of vocal pedagogy in the 21st century” red: prof. dr hab. Piotr Łykowski, dr hab. Monika Kolasa-Hladíková, Wyd. Akademia Muzyczna im. K. Lipińskiego we Wrocławiu i PSPŚ, Wrocław 2019 ISBN 978-83-65473-19-6 


The author characterizes the motivation phenomenon as a key parameter determining the quality and development rate of the performance level of musical activity. It provides an overview of the definition of motivation concept and describes its different types. The paper contains a detailed analysis of the motivating and demotivating factors that are assigned to specific types of motivation. The author quotes authentic declarations of singing learners about the reasons for learning and discusses them in terms of types and strength of motivation. The questionnaire survey was also described and its conclusions were presented. The paper ends with advice for teachers to encourage and maintain a high level of motivation among their students. The main conclusion drawn from all the presented analyses, observations and studies is a special appreciation of self-motivation as an immanent component of musical talent. Integration-guided motivation is the main area of the deliberate influence of the executive pedagogue of a musical subject.